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The Finds Vintage was officially born in 2017, but started off as the colorful collection overflowing from owner Jenna Rizzo's closets and drawers. Based in Portland, Oregon — but hailing from the swamps of New Jersey — Jenna spends her time twirling from state to state, hand-curating her mobile trunk of vintage wares.

The Finds began as an impressive compilation of robes: silk, satin, flowered, fringed, long and short. It has since evolved into a traveling, sparkly roadshow of meticulously chosen clothes, hats, coats, knickknacks, trinkets & whatnots.

All The Finds Vintage clothes are carefully hand-steamed with Thieve’s Oil (cloves, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary). Items are always displayed by color coordination, for easy browsing.  The Finds has vended at What The Festival, Oregon Eclipse Gathering, Whiteaker Block Party and many pop up shops throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

Jenna is the proud mama of over fifty houseplants, would choose a handful of magic beans over a cow any day and has a reputation as the "Michael Jordan of Soups."  She is available for hire as a personal shopper, stylist and vendor. 



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These handmade fluffy earrings range from teensy-tiny to large-and-in-charge. Sold as singles or in pairs.

Statement piece is an understatement. 

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Looking for a special piece to spruce up your wardrobe? Want us to come vend at your party or festival? Interested in purchasing any pieces from our Look Book? Need some custom BombPoms?

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